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Marketing Director (local & international)
Mohon Sekarang
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Immediate positions available

Job Descriptions

  • Be accountable for the overall marketing, student numbers, service and profitability of the marketing department.
  • Responsible on the growth of the Marketing Department and achieve its overall objectives.
  • Responsible to support in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection with consumers.
  • Responsible to set up and monitor the ongoing company presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.).

Key Area Responsibilities:

1. To consistently explore and identify new market and device new ways of doing business.

2. To strategize and conceive various Marketing Plan ranging from market segmentation, target market and positioning of our programmes and services to ensure that we are constantly remain competitive in the global market.

3. To contribute and participate in course and product development.

4. To ensure adequate succession planning for the Marketing Department.

5. To review the Agent Agreements signed between the Agent/ Business Partner and The School at the regular intervals (i.e Quarterly or Half Yearly).

6. To see where relevant to keep informed of Industry’s need to ensure Employability of the graduates and the relevance and quality of the program.

7. Responsive to ensure that all of the staff of the respective schools/industry and provide adequate support and care to students. Tomonitoring attrition rate of the students and to inform or take remedial actions to retain students.

8. To hold regular meetings with the staff to ensure effective communications on company policies, directives and related information.

9. To perform any other job task as assigned from time to time by Management.



Perks & Benefits

  • Nearby public transport
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
  • Personal development opportunities
Mohon Sekarang