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Senior Human Resource Manager
Mohon Sekarang
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  • Apply the approved mode or media to attract suitably qualified candidates.
  • Ensure staffing process meet established timelines
  • Liaise with approved agencies on recruitment advertisement layouts for placement in print and electronic media.
  • Track and monitor recruitment status and prepare weekly variance report
  • Ensure job application forms are complete and highlight anomalies
  • Liaise with hiring department for candidates short-listing
  • Coordinate with hiring department and set up interview sessions
  • Ensure candidate and interview assessments, MRs and SPs are complete and follow up for expeditious hiring decisions.
  • Candidates data bank – compile applicants’ info as a source for data gathering
  • Conduct reference checks on potential hires
  • Prepare and post new joiners announcements
  • Coordinate the issuance of business tools for new hires to ensure they are settled in on the job on joining. 

    -  Coordinate issuance of Staff ID and creation of email accounts


  • Review resume to help compare qualifications, expertise and experience against others within the same department
  • Provide data that compares salary to the other existing staff member.
  • Propose a salary range based on last drawn salary, experience etc


  • Plan, organize and conduct employee orientation.
  • Develop and update orientation slides and joiner pack for new employees.
  • Coordinate with various departments in organizing job orientation and in updating of orientation presentation materials
  • Ensure employee orientation program is carried out in an organized manner
  • Liaise with HODs in formalizing induction programs for respective departments


  • Confer with department and conduct surveys to identify training needs based on projected processes, changes, and other factors.
  • Liaising training organizer for orientation sessions and arrange on-the-job training for new hires and staff members.
  • Evaluate staff member performance and the effectiveness of training programs, providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Conduct or arrange for ongoing training and personal development classes for staff members.
  • Preparing training manuals, presentation slide and other materials.
  • Briefing about company, objectives, details of the board of directors, HR policies, and organizational hierarchy and so on.
  • Tour of the building such as lecture halls, meeting rooms, boardrooms, useful offices such as IT support staff, administration staff, office stationery and the position of photocopiers / faxes
  • Introduction to important staff


  • Follow up on timely submission of performance appraisals.
  • Assist in identifying sets of KRA and KPI to maintain objectivity of performance evaluation exercises.
  • Collate performance appraisals submissions by all departments and analyze feedback with graphical analysis of performance scores including distribution table by departments.
  • Normalize performance ratings for all departments according to set criteria and guidelines liaise with HODs in preparing performance improvement plans (PIP) in managing under performers to improve and meet performance targets


  • Liaising with organizer to ascertain their precise event requirements.
  • Get the detailed of the events such as timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets.
  • Representing company to attend every meeting related to the event.
  • Liaising with marketing department to promote and create a brand for the event such as of banner, bunting, posters and catalogues


  • Maintain oversee and ensure daily maintenance of employee information, safe custody, retrieval and updating of personnel files and records (including leave records)
  • Ensure timely issuance of letters pertaining to appointment, confirmation, separations, transfers, salary adjustments, re-designation, promotion and other staff movement related issues according to company’s policies procedure and statutory requirements.
  • Track and monitor fixed term contract and employees due for retirement and ensure timely notices are issued.


  • Promote employee bonding and team spirit through regular dialogs and facilitate cross-departmental communication and liaison
  • Administer and oversee employee programs and obtain feedback on effectiveness for continuous improvements
  • Represent management in handling employee grievances and disputes
  • Enforce disciplinary procedures to ensure consistency
  • Conduct employee counseling and maintain records of same
  • Maintain disciplinary and monthly IR records
  • Act on reports on alleged misconduct by employees expediently
  • Interface across departments on employee programs in promoting the School’s core values


  • Perform any other task given by the Management from time to time.

Perks & Benefits

  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
Mohon Sekarang