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Laboratory Manager
Mohon Sekarang
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Job Responsibilities:

  • In-charge of all the laboratory staff (scientific officers and laboratory technologists) in the university.
  • Make operational and staff arrangement to ensure optimum laboratory productivity, by monitoring workload of  all the functional areas, identifying peak and slack periods
  • Work on commercialization of laboratories and conduct workshop
  • Work with the Scientific Officers of the different departments to ensure that all equipment, reagents and supplies are available when needed. Lead regular meetings of the technical team.
  • Ensure the proper management of inventories for equipment, glassware and chemicals. This includes checking of inventory levels, placing and expediting orders for supplies and verifying receipt of supplies.
  • Responsible for all proper licensing of the lab equipment where necessary
    Oversees laboratory safety and ensures that the laboratory remains in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.
  • Communicates and enforces laboratory safety rules to all students and researchers working in the laboratories. This includes, wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), handling and disposal of laboratory chemical and clinical wastes.
  • Developing systems to ensure facilities and equipment are maintained to the necessary standards.
  • Ensures lab users have been trained on the correct use of the lab equipment, in addition to mentoring and disciplining lab users for not following safety policies that have been established for the lab.
  • Schedule training for new lab users and retraining for lab users who are in need of refresher training in laboratory methods.
  • In-charge of all the laboratory staff (scientific officers and laboratory technologists) in the university. 



Bachelor Degree in related field

5 years of similar experience in laboratory management and commercialization in the institutions of higher learning.






Perks & Benefits

  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
  • Personal development opportunities
Mohon Sekarang